Post Surgery

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After your operation is complete, you will be taken to the Post Operative Area until you awaken. Your family member or friend may then rejoin you. Patients are taken directly from the operating room to the discharge area.

If your child is having surgery, the recovery visitation rules are somewhat different. As soon as your child is awake and stable, parents will be called into the recovery room to hold and comfort the child. It may comfort your child to have a favorite stuffed toy or blanket. If your child is an infant, please bring a diaper and a bottle of juice for the baby to drink following the surgery.

You will be given post-operative care instructions before you leave. If you have any questions regarding the instructions after you have returned home, please call Tri-City Regional Surgery Center immedicately at (509) 943-9700. If problems develop, you need to call your physician directly. If you have an emergency, you should go to Kadlec Medical Center or to the nearest emergency room.

You must have a responsible adult accompany you home after your operation. You CANNOT be discharged to go home alone if you had anesthesia — even if it is only local anesthesia with sedation.
The Day After Surgery

Within a day or two after your operation, a nurse from the Tri-City Regional Surgery Center will call you at home to see if you have any questions. Please feel free to discuss all your concerns with the nurse.