Glaucoma Causes

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Glaucoma is responsible for damage of optic nerve of an eye which becomes more dangerous if not treated on time. It may result in blindness. The optic nerve is responsible for sending signals from your eye’s retina to your brain, where these signals are interpreted as the images you see.

Glaucoma is primarily of 2 types, namely:

Open angle

Closed angle

Glaucoma occurs more frequently if you are/have:

Are over age 40

Poor vision

If you are diabetic

Taking steroid medications etc.


Glaucoma occurs when there is a force increase in your eye. It occurs when the eye fluid is not circulating properly in your eye, especially in the front area.

The main cause responsible for Glaucoma is aqueous liquid which works in channel and if this channel is not working properly then it will start building Glaucoma.

Researchers are unable to find out the actual reason of blockage, but it is assumed that this disease can happen because of family history also.

Generally, it occurs in both eyes and at a different stage.

Signs and Symptoms

It has been observed that there are few or no symptoms of Glaucoma in most of the cases. As the disease increases and more damage occur, blind spots develop in eyes. These spots can go unnoticed until the optic nerve has become severely damaged.

If any of the below signs & symptoms are noticed, visit the doctor immediately –

Halos around lights

Vision loss

Redness or Pain in the eye

Hazy eyes

Vomiting sensation or Nausea

Tunnel vision


Vision examination is most important to diagnose Glaucoma. The eye examination majorly focuses on the optic nerve which has particular appearance in Glaucoma. Different photographs of optic nerve are helpful to follow over time as the optic nerve appearance changes as Glaucoma progresses. Tonometry is also important to check the eye pressure and visual field, if required, to determine in case there is loss of side vision.


Before you start any treatment, it is important to share with your ophthalmologist about other medical conditions and all medications you are currently taking.

Treatment of Glaucoma will depend on specific kinds of Glaucoma, its severity and its response to treatment.

Following treatment should be started on immediate basis –

Eye drops

Laser surgery


There are several ways to treat Glaucoma but few things are very important to be remember. It can always happen that some people may experience side effects from Glaucoma medications of surgery. The risks of side effects should always be balanced with the greater risk of leaving Glaucoma untreated and finally losing vision.


According to researchers, Glaucoma can be treated, only when diagnosed soon, the ailment can be prevented.


Loss of vision caused because of Glaucoma is irremediable which can never be restored. It is advisable to visit the doctor and start treatment to prevent loss of vision due to Glaucoma.

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