5 Foods To Eat While Breastfeeding

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A Healthy Diet Ensures Healthy Breast Milk For The Babies

As much as a mother requires nutrition post delivery so does the baby. Breast feeding is considered to be the best way not just to feed an infant but also to ensure a strong bonding between the mother and the baby. While the baby is too young to have complementary food, it is important the mother includes a nutritious diet to have a healthy and strong baby. Many doctors recommend that a mother should breastfeed her baby exclusively for first six months. If we go by the study, breastfeeding also helps to strengthen the mental faculties of a child. This means that a mother needs to include fish, yogurt avocado, cheese, eggs, leafy greens, legumes, blueberries, nuts, brown rice, oranges, whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals in her meals. However to ensure that the breast milk has the right amount of protein, sugar, fat, vitamin and water we should go through the following tips:

Lactating mothers should ensure that their food comprises of legumes, especially the black beans and kidney beans since it is rich in iron, fibre, protein and zinc. You might also choose to make a soup and add some of these to have a healthy meal.

1. Blueberries

Antioxidant-rich blueberries are composed of vitamins (A and C), carbohydrates and minerals. A two or more servings of this fruit is sure to boost the energy levels along with making the breast milk more nutricious.

2. Eggs

One of the very common suggestions by many of the people around will also be Eggs. Highly concentrated in riboflavin, zinc, iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin A, eggs can be cooked in various forms. Scramble them and enjoy a healthy breakfast or boil the same to add it in your salads.

3. Fishes

Fishes are also believed to be a rich source of protein and calcium that help in the brain development of the child. Take proper advice before you choose the kind of fish for your meals.

4. Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread is another healthy option that can be chosen by lactating mothers for a proper growth not just of their babies but also of themselves since it is rich in folic acid.

5. Red Meat

For those who also can relish non vegetarians, Red Meat comprises of protein, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. Importantly Zinc is very beneficial for the growth of bones and a strong immunity system of the baby.

One could easily opt for artificial breastfeeding but it has its own set of hazardous health effects on the baby. This is why it is preferred that a mother has a nutritious diet. Breastfeeding consumes as much as 500 calories from a mother while she breastfeeds her baby. Hence, it is also very important to administer a lactating mother’s diet atleast for the first 6 to 10 months post delivery so that both she and her baby remain well nourished.

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