10 Questions To Ask When Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

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If patient’s medical reports are positive and she is diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be very scary and traumatic. She may have a set of questions and worries. Now the next step is to learn more and more about the breast cancer, how to treat it, what can be the remedies, and what precautions need to be taken. The patient should discuss with her doctor about each and every aspect which is related to her disease. Following list of questions can be asked to the doctor before appointment:

Q1. What are the essential tests for accurate diagnosis?

Generally breast cancer is assumed when some crucial changes are found in the breast, and it has been observed many times that these results do not convert into breast cancer. Though, the best way to confirm the disease is to proper diagnosis as well as accurate tests.

Q2. What is the type of breast cancer?

It is mandatory for a patient to know that which type of breast cancer she is suffering from. The patient should learn more about it. It can be an invasive type of breast cancer or non-invasive. The patient needs to confirm this to the doctor.

Q3. What is the medical stage of the patient?

It helps to know the patients that how much cancer has spread in the complete organ. Also it helps the doctors to identify, what should be the next step or treatment.

Q4. Why patient should search for a second opinion?

It is always better to take a second opinion from another breast cancer specialist. After diagnosis it may be proven very helpful along with significance to take another opinion before initiating the treatment procedure.

Q5. What can be the side effects of treatment?

Sometimes medication has some possible side effects. For this reason the patient should ask the doctor about the side effects so precautions can be taken for side effects.

Q.6. what is a suggested treatment procedure and why?

The procedure which doctor is going to adopt for the treatment completely depends on the medical reports. After careful study of all reports and test results the doctor will recommend the best possible treatment to the patient. At the same time the patient may ask for another possible treatment if any.

Q7. What is the current status of her2/neu?

This is a kind of substance that is excessively released in about 25 to 30 percent of breast cancers. The Patient should confirm with the doctor if she is her2/neu positive and accordingly take precautions for the same.

Q8. What is the prognosis?

The Prognosis is nothing but chances of recovery through the treatment. Each patient should ask the doctor for the same.

Q9. Can patient’s family history be relevant for diagnosis?

It is not necessary always, but sometimes it has been found that it increases the risk, if any of the relative (mother, sister or daughter) has suffered with the breast cancer.

Q10. What will be complete cost of the treatment?

This cost of treatment can vary from place to place. It is crucial for the patient to ask doctors for the complete cost of treatment including fees as well medical expense.

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